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Promotional Opportunities

Beverly Cool Expositions’ events provide the greatest variety of opportunities to grow your business. Make face-to-face connections with highly qualified candidates, accelerating your sales process and lowering your cost per lead. Through key onsite promotion and advertising options, take your brand to the next level and make the impact you want. Position your brand front and center at the Beverly Cool Expo!

Registration Confirmation Email Sponsor

Introduce your brand to every registered visitor with this high profile sponsorship. Your banner ad will be prominently positioned and seen in each step of the registration process and included on the registration email confirmation. This is a great way to deliver your message to the most serious expo visitors.

Attendee E-Badge Email Sponsor

The Expo sends an email to all pre-registered attendees the week of the event with their eBadge confirmation and barcode. You supply banner artwork, and we’ll add a link to contact you directly!
*Limited to 1 sponsor.

Visitor E-Newsletter Sponsorships

Your message can be delivered to pre-registered and prospective attendees prior to the show. You supply us with a 640x90 banner ad and a 50 word description, and we’ll add a link to contact you directly! (Limited to 2 Category Exclusive sponsors per newsletter)

Official Show Bag

Take advantage of one of the most visible sponsorships – the Official Show Bag. Visitors walk the floor, attend seminars and visit other booths with your logo and message for everyone to see. As an added bonus, Show Bag sponsors get an insert into the bag, making the sponsorship even more valuable.
*Qty. up to 1,000.  

Show Bag Insert

Promote your company in every Show Bag provided to all visitors at the show. You can include a 8.5” x 11” or a 4” x 6” handout that will catch the attention of every attendee. Plus visitors will see it when they open their bag at the show and when they go through their bag after they leave.

*Qty. up to 1,000.  

Badge Sponsorship

Watch as every attendee and exhibitor promotes your brand and booth number as they walk the show floor. Your message will be on every badge and visible to everyone at the show. This is a great way to drive traffic to your booth.

Badge Lanyard Sponsorship

These branded lanyards are given to every visitor and exhibitor at registration and used to hold their badge. It’s a walking advertisement for your company that will be seen in every aisle, every booth and throughout the show.

Show Entrance Unit

There’s no better way to be top of mind than this high visibility branding opportunity right at the show entrance. By showcasing your logo here, you will be promoting your brand around one of the busiest areas at the expo. 

Billboard Advertising

These 2-sided meter boards located at the exhibit entrance will catch the attention of every visitor and exhibitor as they enter and leave the show floor. Increase your branding and drive traffic to your booth, you supply the design and we create the Billboard.

Expo Floor Graphics

Get on the path to brand visibility with these great floor graphics. There are a multitude of locations on the show floor to lay these customized floor graphics as booth locators, directionals, and simply reminding show visitors to stop by and visit with your team.

Pub Bin Distribution

Display your magazines right at the front entrance of the show for everyone to pick up. Bins are refilled throughout the event.

Exhibitor E-Badge Sponsor

Place your brand and message front and center in the email sent to all exhibitors the week of the event with their confirmation and barcode. You supply a banner and link to the website of your choice, and we prominently place your artwork for all exhibitors to see.

* Available to suppliers only

Exhibitor Reception Sponsorship

Cold drinks, good food, and great company bring key decision makers to the best party of the show. As a sponsor, your logo will be on the invitation, and all signage. Customers and prospects will know whom to thank for a wonderful evening.

* Available to suppliers only

Exhibitor Lounge Sponsorship

All exhibitors need a break away from their booths during the show day. Key franchise personnel will thank you for providing them with coffee, tea, soft drinks, snacks, and a comfortable place to rest between conversations with visitors. Your logo will appear on signage as your prospective customers take a well-earned rest.

* Available to suppliers only

Event Guide

Showcase your brand to registered and prospective visitors with a full page ad in our print and digital guides. Use your ad to be on their “must-see” list of concepts, and increase your booth traffic. The print guide will be handed out during the expo, and the digital guide will be available prior, during and post show. 

*Print & Digital. Limited to 8.

Footprints Right To Your Booth

Imagine a path of footsteps from the expo doors right to your booth – and each footprint has your logo and booth number! Exhibitor provides artwork and we produce and install the footprints at the show.

International Business Center Sponsorship

If you’re looking to develop your brand internationally, there is no better place than the International Business Center, where delegates from around the world gather to meet and relax during the show. This sponsorship includes your logo and booth number featured on signage in the lounge and food area, as well as exclusive access to leading international decision-makers.

International Media Center Sponsorship

If you’re looking to develop your brand internationally, there is no better place than the International Media Center, where Publishers, Broadcasters, Editors, Journalists, Photographers, Broadcasters, Content Creators and Bloggers from around the world gather to meet and relax during the show. This sponsorship includes your logo and booth number featured on signage in the lounge and food area, as well as exclusive access to leading international public relations.

Aisle Sign Sponsorship

Imagine your logo and booth number hanging from the Aisle Signs. Your prospects will have no trouble finding you when they see your logo overhead. It is one of the few opportunities permitted on the show floor outside of the booths. 

Expo Floor Inflatables

Show off your brand – in a big & bold way! This promotion gives your business a virtual second location on the show floor. Grab everyone’s attention with a message that drives traffic!

Column Wraps

Columns will feature your brand in a huge way: Your graphics are an ideal way to attract qualified candidates to your booth, or choose other columns throughout registration and the exhibit floor to promote your concept.

Entrance Banners

You will have instant visibility as visitors enter the convention center lobby. Your logo, message, and booth number will be prominently displayed. This is a bold call to action sure to resonate with your prospects!


International Visitor Brochure Advertising

Advertising in this brochure ensures that your message will be seen by thousands of qualified candidates from around the world months before the doors to the exhibit hall open.


Registration Tile Graphics

Floor decals with your artwork will be placed in the registration area. This is a great way to familiarize expo attendees with your brand!

Vehicles In Lobby

Your car will be positioned alongside the registration counters. Make sure everyone knows your concept is ready for expansion with this great promotion.

Vehicles In Roadway

Here’s a great parking spot for your branded vehicle: positioned in a high-traffic location just outside the convention center where every attendee will see your brand.

Exhibitor Newsletter Sponsor

All suppliers know the importance of the exhibitor newsletters sent out in the months prior to the show. They include information that can save money and increase ROI. New features, schedule changes, shipping deadlines, marketing opportunities and other vital details ensure that this is read and circulated among the exhibiting franchises. Your logo, link and message will be read as well if you sponsor this valuable communications program. 

* Available to suppliers only

Glass Clings

Greet all attendees with your logo and booth number on the entrance doors to the convention center as well as other areas such as the side of escalators leading to the show floor.

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