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Beverly Cool is top corporate events, as well as official and institutional occasions.

For us, each event “Beverly Cool” is above all an opportunity to create an exchange among multiple players orchestrated like a musical score: as they enter, our guests find themselves immersed in an elegant atmosphere; perfection down to the smallest detail, to ensure every our event is a magical experience.

To our partners, we offer an exhibition space with a One Off Experience, in love with all that is beautiful, and eager to share it.

Beverly Cool 3 days for Event . Beverly Cool Gala event glamour on red carpet

Venues 2024 and Exbitions Directory

New York (30 - 31 May - 1 June) - Tokyo (24-25-26 September) - London (3-4-5 November)

Venues 2025 and Exbitions Directory (coming soon)

  Miami (April)- Dubai (May) - New York (June) - Tokyo (October) - London (November) - Montecarlo (December)

Venues 2026

Riyadh - Dubai - New York - Paris - Tokyo - London

Venues 2027

Mumbai - Montecarlo - Dubai - New York - Shanghai - London



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